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#1 - SuperPass

Besides leading our list of best music download sites, Superpass is also a complete entertainment service.

You get 10 free music downloads a month from their catalogue of over 16 million songs including all the latest radio hits and indie treasures, protection with McAffee Antivirus, full length classic and current movies, and high quality online television including Big Brother with exclusive live cam access and much more.

We highly recommend SuperPass for any music and entertainment fan. Try them today and get $10 of Free Music Downloads of your choice to keep.

Overall Score: 9.4/10

Customer Srv : 5stars
Ease of Use : 5stars
Free Trial : 45stars
Selection : 5stars
Cost : 35stars




#2 - eMusic

A solid service however one thing to take into consideration is that eMusic does not carry songs from artists signed to major labels so many of your top 40 artists may not be found. Never the less, their library still exceeds 17 million songs from genres of music throughout the spectrum.

Try them out risk free with their Free Trial giving you $10 of free music which can get you up to 20 free songs and which are yours to keep whether you decide to continue with the service or not.

Overall Score: 8.6/10

Customer Srv : 3stars
Ease of Use : 5stars
Free Trial : 5stars
Selection : 35stars
Cost : 5stars

#3 - Napster

Recently acquired by Best Buy, and even more recently sold to the 'Real' network which operates 'SuperPass', our #1 rated music download site, Napster is in the middle of a transition phase. If you are interested in Napster, we suggest taking a look at Superpass above in the meanwhile which is controled by what is now the same company and who are currently offering a great trial:

- 10 free music downloads

We will keep you informed on the merger and latest updates however until the merger is completed and we re-test the service, we can not suggest Napster as a music download site at this time. For now, we will keep Napster's review up for anyone intersted, or who have landed on their review page by accident.

Overall Score: 8.4/10

Customer Srv : 4stars
Ease of Use : 5stars
Free Trial :
Selection : 5stars
Cost : 5stars

#4 - Amazon MP3

Amazon MP3 is a pay-per-song service. Simply look for the individual songs or albums you want and pay for the download. Music files are in MP3 format making them compatible with practically any portable music player (including iPods) and burning software. Prices are very reasonable with songs generally under $1, and albums $9-$11.

This site is great if you only want a few songs, however if you download roughly an album's worth per month, it is much more economical to go with a subscription based music download site.

Overall Rating: 7.2/10

Customer Srv :
Ease of Use :
Free Trial : 1stars
Selection : 5stars
Cost :

#5 - iTunes

A pay-per-song service with great selection, however slightly higher prices than Amazon MP3, along with a slightly more complicated downloading software in our opinion which is needed to use the service.

One positive aspect is that this service will sometimes have exclusive tracks from various artists which you can not find anywhere else.

Overall Score: 6.6/10

Customer Srv : 35stars
Ease of Use : 35stars
Free Trial : 1star
Selection : 5stars
Cost : 35stars

choosing the perfect MUSIC DOWNLOAD SITE for you

We want to help you find the right music download service so to get started, think about your downloading habits and ask yourself a few questions:

- How much music do I download a month.
- What format do I need music to be in (for iPods, MP3 format or iTunes is needed).
- How important is music selection and am I looking to download music from top 40 artists.

We put together this chart and following is some helpful information that will assist you in deciding on the right music download site for you.

Top 40
Free Trial


SuperPass Real
9.4 / 10
How to Download Music Legally
How to Download Music Legally
How to Download Music Legally
$10 of Free Music Downloads


8.6 / 10
How to Download Music Legally
How to Download Music Legally
How to Download Music Legally
$10 of free MP3's

8.4 / 10
How to Download Music Legally
Unlimited Songs Downloads
How to Download Music Legally
How to Download Music Legally


7.2 / 10
How to Download Music Legally
How to Download Music Legally
How to Download Music Legally
How to Download Music Legally


6.6 / 10
How to Download Music Legally
How to Download Music Legally
Unlimited Song Downloads
Unlimited Songs Downloads

Average Music Downloads a Month of +50 Songs

If you plan on downloading lots of music regularly, what you're looking for is a subscription based service. Our top suggestion would be Napster.

For $5 a month, you get access to their full library of music which currently holds over 8 million songs including the latest hits, some exclusive tracks, popular oldies, loads of indie music, and pretty much anything else you can think of. In addition to unlimited access to their library of music, you also get 5 monthly MP3 downloads which are yours to keep even if you choose to cancel or terminate your subscription. That alone is worth the $5 / month since at iTunes, for 5 downloads, you're already looking at spending a little more than that ever since their pricing scale has popular songs at $1.29 each.

Music lovers, if you know you need a lot of new and fresh music regularly, don't bother on a pay-per-song site. Napster is a much more economical choice and you will be amazed at how much music you have right at your fingertips.

Average Music Downloads a Month Between 10 - 50 songs

Under 50 songs a month, Napster is still a great fit for the sheer value of their low cost monthly subscription service, but now eMusic becomes a solid contender for the cost as well. Their service is based on a monthly subscription which lets you download 30, 50, or up to 75 songs a month depending on your plan. The amount of downloads is reset at the beginning of each month.

At the moment, they do not offer most of the top 40 mainstream artists as they do not have distribution deals with the major labels so if you're looking for the Britney Spears, Madonna, Rihanna type of artists, this may not be the music download site for you. They do however have millions of songs from most of the indie labels and indie acts around which covers a large spectrum and gives you an idea of how many big name indie artists are actually out there.

On a positive note, they are confident enough with their service that they are offering 25 free MP3 downloads, no strings attached, just for trying them out.

Average Music Downloads a Month -10 songs

At under 10 songs or an album a month on average, our top suggestion is SuperPass which on top of getting 10 free music downloads a month, you also have access to online television shows from the Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Plant and many more, you can download full length classic and current movies, get thousands of radio stations, and a free game a month. They currently offer a free 14 day trial to give you a chance to get a taste of everything this complete entertainment service offers. With the trial, you also get to download 10 free music downloads of your choice from their catalogue of over 6 million songs.

If you don't feel SuperPass is right for you, what you need is a solid pay-per-song site as opposed to a subscription based service. These sites set prices on a per song download basis so no monthly fees. Individual songs are roughly $1 on average with albums around $10. With a huge library of over 6 million songs and great prices, we recommend Amazon as a first option followed by the iTunes site which is a bit pricier and has more complex software in our opinion.

What Makes These Music Sites Legal

What makes the services we have on our site legal is that in the end, the artist is payed for their work. All download sites on this page in one form or another have deals in place with the bands and artists' labels or representatives which gives them permission to distribute the songs online. When someone subscribes to one of the sites above, or buys an individual track or album, the services above pay the labels and representatives, who then pay out a portion (depending on their arrangements) to the artists which makes the system completely legal as oppossed to file sharing programs where artists are not payed.

If you have specific questions or needs that were not addressed in the material provided through our site. please don't hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to help..

Download Music From the Best Sites

There are quite a few options and website available for you out there. Hopeully some of the tips included on this page will already help guide you in the right direction. One thing is for sure, if you are in search of legal music downloads from the leading legal music sites, we've got you covered! At Compare Music Download Sites, we have compiled a constantly updated list of the best music download sites so you will always have access to your favorite music through a trusted service. Created by people with a passion for music, you will find the best information on the web to help you download music you love in no time.

How do we rate a music download site? We base the rating on a few important factors:

  • Ease of Use
  • Special Offers
  • Customer Service
  • Free Trial
  • Cost
  • Selection

The result? You have access to the best music at the lowest price. Best of all—the entire experience is hassle-free from start to finish!

Check Out the Music Download Sites of the Month!

We feature a fresh look at the best download music sites so you can quickly navigate your way to the music you love. Our top 5 sites give you a quick glimpse at what makes them stand out so you don't have to waste time on other sites. Sites like iTunes, Napster, Amazon MP3, SuperPass, eMusic, and many more offer special deals along with the vast selection you need.

We also help you find the ideal music download site for you. The key is to understand your own music needs and habits so you can identify the best site based on our easy to use analysis of the best music download sites. When you're ready to download music, you can identify the sites that will best meet your needs to download music from. With charts, ratings, and other information, you will be able to find the ideal music download site in minutes. From sites with unlimited music downloads to those with the best assortment for music lovers with eclectic tastes—we make it easy to find the right site to download music.

Different Types of Legal Music Downloads For Every Listener

When in search of your music download site, it's important to understand the available options to download music. The main types of legal music downloads are subscription or pay-per-song. If you download music frequently, a subscription service will give you unlimited music downloads for a fixed monthly rate. For a service that offers a pay-per-song download, you will only pay for the songs you download. This is ideal for a music lover that has a big library already and will just be buying songs intermittently.

Find the Best Music Download Sites Today

Are you ready to start downloading songs? Let us help you get started! With our site, you can find the information you need to select the ideal music download site for your listening habits. We make it easy to get started! If you have questions or would like to give us feedback about our service, please feel free to contact us. For feedback, please email; for site management, please email We look forward to helping you find the best music download sites!

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