Saturday, February 16, 2008

American Idol 7 - What am I missing about Josiah?

Someone tell me what I'm missing about this guy. How did Josiah get as far as he did?

I’ll start out on a positive note. He's young, he could sing, he can even write music. For his age, man, I give it to him, the guy is motivated and is pushing for a music career. He lives in his car, drives around from city to city playing gigs and I totally respect him for it.

Now for the whole American Idol journey ...

Stop crying. I can understand it’s emotional and maybe at some point you let a little out, but they had shots of him crying for every segment he was in. Don’t give them so much ammo. At the same time, the crying does go with the style of singing he showed during the auditions so at least he’s sticking to the image he’s got going but for me, it was becoming more of an annoyance than anything.

I thought he was horrible in Hollywood in comparison to a lot of the others there. I then looked into his first audition and with such an awesome story I find it much easier to see how people can fall in love with him, but it’s a singing competition and he’s far from being in the same league in vocal talent as the others there. That doesn’t mean he can’t build a career in music, just that I would see him having a much better chance winning a song writing competition than a singing one.

For the first audition, he took a risk, did his own song, it worked out. It was all downhill from there. He attempts to be creative with the ending of Mika’s Grace Kelley tune and butchers it completely turning it into a long whining session. What was he thinking? He took an awesome, fun song, and depressed the ending to death.

At some point before destroying the Mika tune, he openly admits that he’s much more comfortable with a keyboard than without. Are you trying to give them reasons why you shouldn’t be the next American Idol?

The last straw was the rendition of ‘Stand By Me’. I don’t know what happened with the band situation but Simon really puts out an awesome point that if you’re going to tell the band to leave the stage, you better put out an unforgettable performance. Instead, he sings it ‘the way he hears it in his head’ which to no surprise sounds whinny but this time with a little more screaming and cracking in his voice.

Personal opinion here since obviously people like him, but I found any creative twist he tried on the cover songs he chose for the auditions were completed misses and if anything, hurting him each time, not to mention hurting the original song.

On a positive note, with all the exposure they gave him with Idol, it will surely bring many ears to his personal project giving his musical career a priceless boost.

You can write songs, you have talent, you have a great story, people like you, I wish you the best in your music career with plenty of success, but I am not a fan of the whinny renditions and if Idol’s main focus is on finding great singers, I have no idea what they were thinking putting you through as far as they did.

Best of luck and much respect.

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