Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fall Out Boy Comic

First My Chemical Romance now Fall Out Boy?

Let me back track. Last year Gerard Way, the singer of emo rock band My Chemical Romance, put out a comic book called 'The Umbrella Academy'. Before being a rockstar, Way attended a visual arts school in New York and always wanted to become a comic book artist. He even had an internship at DC Comics! In any case, the comic book he put out had some positive feedback from the comic book world and was coming from what seemed to be a genuine artist wanting to enter the comic book industry.

Earlier this week, there is news that rock band Fall Out Boy (who's name came from Radioactive Man's sidekick in 'the Simposons' named Fallout Boy) has plans to follow in the same foot steps.

Drummer Andy Hurley has always been into comics, attending a few comic book conventions, and is playing a leading role in the project along with bassist Pete Wentz.

In the band's defence, they were approached by the Dabel Brothers Production company which is the comic book publisher involved with the project. Turns out the company was brainstorming on some new potential comics and graphic novels, and the idea of working with a music group. They created a short list of bands, Fall Out Boy being on that list, and soon enough the two parties were talking details.

You figure if you want to tap into the loads of music fans out there not yet familiar with comics, what better way than to attach yourself to a huge name like Fall Out Boy. The band's previous album From Under the Cork Tree went triple platinum and landed them a few awards along the way while their latest 2007 release Infinity on High sold over 260,000 copies in it's first week alone!

In any case, I respect Fall Out Boy a lot more for sticking to putting their name on something creative with a story line rather than J-Lo's new perfume fragrance, though I guess the comic book angle will be the rocker's version of perfume. I'm predicting we'll be seeing many more music acts following in the near future.

If you haven't checked out Fall Out Boy's latest albums yet which are both packed with some very catchy rock music that will have you moving in no time, you can get your hands on them through the following links:



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