Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Good Song is a Good Song - Rihanna Covers

I'm a songwriter with songs written having been in rotation on MuchLOUD and even top 10 on radio stations around my area. I think this is the first time I pass a link in a blog about my band but I'm the singer and lead songwriter of Play The Angel by the way - It's only when I started getting really into writing songs that I started noticing the beauty in a lot of other songs around me.

When I'm in a car with someone else driving somewhere and a pop song comes on produced as hip hop or any other genre, sometimes I'll say out loud, "Dam, that's an amazing song". I'm a rocker so no one gets it and some of my friends even give me a weird look but what I mean is that there's a reason the song is being played on radio that much and built up to be an amazing success. Here's the reason:

A great song is a great song!

All these hip hop songs or super pop songs like Britney Spears or Rihanna, these songs made it to be such successes cause they are insanely well written songs. When you break it down to an acoustic version in your head, or if someone plays you a cover just voice / piano or voice / acoustic guitar, the songs are absolutely amazing. This is why a producer can take that version from these great songwriters and producing them to being these hip hop or very pop songs and they are insanely catchy. It's not the "yeah yeah's" in the back they add (though that does give an element), it's cause the song is just a great song to begin with. It's almost hard to mess it up at that point ...

Here are 2 quick examples of Rihanna songs that are amazing when broken down to their original state so hopefully the rockers out there like me can break out of that shell and start giving credit where credit is due to these great song writers. I'm not talking about Britney and Rihanna, I'm talking about the song writers who wrote their songs. Please don't get these mixed up, but start appreciating good song writing no matter what the genre they are produced in dammit!


Rihanna's Disturbia - Acoustic Cover

Rihanna's Umbrella - Acoustic Cover

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