Sunday, April 4, 2010

What Ever Happened To Good Lyrics? Jason Derulo Lyrics Are Horrid

So the radio was on in the car and doesn't Jason Derulo's new single come on, "In My Head". Aside from having the beginning of the chorus identical to Lady Gaga's song (I'll keep that for another post), my first impression was that the song is insanely catchy but holy crap, who wrote the lyrics and are they serious?

What ever happened to lyrics that mean something? I get that it's the pop style and the idea is to pump these songs out ready to play at clubs so you throw in "girl", "baby", "dance floor" and all of the cliche terms you can but I at least feel better putting it out there that lyrics to these songs are getting worse and worse.

You be the judge for yourself. Here's a lyric video to the new single from Jason Derulo:

Are you done reading the lyrics? Is this serious?

I don't want to take away too much from the song cause indeed, it's insanely catchy and at least in my area, I wouldn't be surprise if it hits #1 soon enough. Maybe I'm jeleous that artists are almost "getting away with it". They water down songs so much and now even slacking on lyrics.

So I guess this post is to throw it out there that while you may find these songs extremely catchy, don't let it make you think this is great songwriting as a whole. It's like the quicky of songs. In and out, throw all the moves that work and just have a bunch in the pipeline to keep feeding people. I think music lovers are smarter than that and hope they can notice bad lyrics when they hear it but puting up a post while at least make me sleep easier at night.

Damn it's catchy though and serves its purpose well, just harder to respect lyric wise.

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