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Music Download Site Reviews

- Rhapsody - Unlimited Access and Downloads
- eMusic - Unlimited Access, Limited Downloads
- Napster - Unlimited Access and Downloads
- Amazon - Pay-per-song Service
- iTunes - Pay-per-song Service

Best Music Download Sites

    Best music download sites - Find the site of your choice At 'Best Music Download Sites' we will present you with our selection of the best music download sites that can be found on the net today, where you can download music easily and a legally for a small fee. The legal battle between P2P music sharing and record and label companies still continues but the later have now offered the consumers to do the right thing and download music completely legally, as much as their heart desires.

    Best music download sites offer their customers to download music either by pay-per song method, or by paying a small monthly fee or even a one-time subscription. For the paid amount you will get an unlimited access to a huge music database which you will be able to download unlimited amounts of music from. Music download sites that work on pay per download principle let you pay a minimal fee for the song of your choice. That is the best option for cases when you don't want to download an entire album because you liked only one single song from that album, or you want to have one or two popular hits.

    In all other cases, when you want to download many songs and you plan to download a lot, the sites which offer subscription plans are the best deal for you. Yet you need to decide which the best music download sites out there are. We at 'Music Download Sites' are here to help you. We check out the available information about every legal Download site that exists out there and compare them. We check which one has the best price, and the best offer for that price.

    Things to consider are: - the variety of songs in the database. The bigger the database is - the better. Many people have their favorite genre of music, and there are people who don't mind listening to almost any song. But if you have a specific taste and some favorite genre, like classical music, you will want the database of music to be huge and often updated. - the quality of downloadable songs - what are the compression rates of the files and what music format they are offered in. You will want to buy formats that are compatible with your portable player and can be easily burned on a CD - download speed - You will want to be a member of a site that offers you direct download access and the great download speed. You will have little use of the unlimited download quantity option if it will take you an hour to download just one song. - after download support - if there are any issues with your membership or files which you downloaded, you will want to have prompt and helpful reply to your inquiry. Many services simply don't answer to the phone or reply to your e-mail. At 'Music Download Sites' you will find a nice selection of best music download sites that are currently available on the internet. The criteria we apply to select the best music download sites is pretty much strict, and with us, you are certain to get the unbiased and neutral review of the downloading sites, and the ones that we choose will offer you the best value for your money.




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